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Planning and designing construction projects are about thinking ahead.  Future flexibility is becoming more important in the planning of structures for the service and production industries, storehouses or office buildings.  Buildings must be easy to alter in order to meet new requirements and changing market conditions.  A superstructure of Precast beams and columns offers exactly these possibilities.

BPC Group has a long range of standardized beams using both normal reinforcement and prestressed reinforcement.  Our standard cross sections include IB-beams, RB-beams, LB-beams, ITB-beams and special flat beams FB-beams.  In all types it is possible to provide exposed reinforcement for composite structure.  We also produce standard rectangular columns, RC and circular columns, CC.

Only few companies in this region possess the necessary engineering skills, experience and resources to supply these products with the constant high level of quality and in a reliable and professional manner essential in all modern building structure.

Our experienced engineers in design as well as in sales and production combined with the use of “state of art” production technology ensures that these high standards are not compromised.


Whether you select a product from our standard range or your project requires a different custom-made solution our experienced staff of engineers is always at your service to assist and advise you.


  • Using Precast beams and columns will save considerably on cost and time as time-consuming shuttering and scaffolding are avoided.

  • As production takes place under controlled conditions, the productions are of higher quality and more accurate compared to in-situ work.

  • Precast columns and beams are fast to install, and does not require any storage space on site, as the units are generally erected directly from the trailer into its final position.

  • Using prestressed beams will enable large spans, which opens up waste areas inside the building.

  • With production facilities in Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar we ensure the most economical and fast delivery throughout the entire region.