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  General Description

The Precast building system is a better option to cast-in-situ building. Where quality, such as factory control , thermal protective, product coupled with good workmanship , good material properties together with quantity such as mass production and erection combining with new technology such as pre or/ and post tensioning make over all system very attractive to conventional system. It has all the advantage of concrete moulded to different shapes coupled with Precast architectural façade finish.

The system can be combination of:

  • Precast column / beam / slabs .
  • Precast and in-situ column/beam/slab
  • Precast load bearing internal or external panel/ slabs
  • Precast external load bearing and internal conventional / slab
  • Precast panels / steel beams / slab or combination of above systems.
Further, Precast concrete is a more cost-effective option in regards to production, transport and erection where columns, beams and slabs can be fabricated independently and assembled at site.

Along with Precast Concrete constructions and the innovative joining of Precast Concrete element, Precast systems save labor and speed up overall construction period.

BPC Group has a long range of standardized beams using both normal reinforcement and Prestressed reinforcement. Please refer to our “Beams & Columns” and “Hollowcore Slab” sections for more information on individual products.

The wide choice of individual products make any cast-in-situ project viable in Precast building system.