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  General Description

BPC Group has a long range of standardized products. Please refer to our products sections for more information on individual products. The wide choice of individual products and combination of them make any cast-in-situ project viable in Precast building system.

The Precast Building system is designed to emulated cast-in-situ structure. The gravity load is transferred to the foundation through column/beam/slab joints, as is the case with traditional buildings. All the joints are essentially modeled as pinned joint.

The horizontal de-stabilizing forces due to eccentric gravity load, wind load or seismic load are transferred to shear wall made up around lift shafts, staircases well or freestanding walls. Either the stabilizing wall could be cast-in-situ wall or Precast concrete wall join together. Normally the cores of Hollowcore slabs are opened up and connected together with beams/ panels by providing r/f, before they are grouted together.

The second option could be that the screed on top of the slab can be mobilized to act as horizontal diaphragm once it is connected correctly with Hollowcore slab and Beam. The type and quantity of material will depend on the induce forces and shape of building. If the building is short and stout it can be that all the above details may not be necessary. And the frictional forces between different elements can be adequate. However, local engineering laws are to be respected in all such cases.

Details for high-rise building and widely spaced shear walls

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