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  General Description
  Hollowcore Types
  Design Specifications
  Technical Specifications

BPC Group’s Boundary Walls can be made in a variety of colours and surfaces as shown below.

Surfaces are generally either fairfaced or with exposed aggregates, however we can also offer them polished or acid washed. Further it is possible to have different surfaces on the same panel, separated by grooves.

General Specifications
Strength: Characteristic cube strength F cu = 40 N/mm2

OPC or SRC cement complying with the requirements in BS 12 and ASTM C 150, type 1.

Microsilica (foundations only):
Densified or undensified microsilica grade 920 or 940.

Clean water with total dissolved solid contents not exceeding 700ppm.

Coarse aggregates:

Crushed aggregates complying with BS 882


Fine aggregates:
All fine aggregates are of sand complying with BS 882.

Water reducing admixtures complying with ASTM C 94

All reinforcement steel complying with BS 4449

Bitumen Paint:
Al surfaces below ground level are painted with 2 layers of Bitumen Paint.

Prestressing Strands or Hollowcore Slabs:
All prestressing strands complying with either BS 5896, ASTM A416,or EN 138/79


Boundary Wall Type 1

Boundary Wall Type 2

Boundary Wall Type 3


  Surfaces Samples  
  White OPC Cement, Red Pigment
Marble Choco 5-10 mm Aggregates

  White OPC Cement, Yellow Pigment
Omani 5-10 mm Aggregates

  Gray OPC Cement
R.A.K. 5-10 mm Aggregates

  White OPC Cement,
Omani 5-10 mm Aggregates