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BPC Group panels can be made with a variety of colours and surfaces as shown below.  In general surfaces are either fair-faced or with exposed aggregate, however the Group can also offer polished or acid washed surfaces.  Furthermore, it is also possible to have different surfaces on the same panel, separated by grooves.

Gray fair-faced surfaces are normally chosen when the panel is to be painted afterwards.  However, when using a coloured concrete it will eliminate the need for paint, thereby reducing the finishing time and further minimizing the maintenance cost to almost nil.

Polished surfaces give a smooth surface exposing all the aggregates.  Using a grinder/polishing machine the surface is polished until the middle of the surface-stone is reached.  BPC Group generally recommends this method for smaller areas or as part of the panels.


Exposed surface can be achieved by either sandblasting the front side of the panels after casting, or by using a retarder on the mould surface before casting.  Using a retarder the panel is cleaned with high-pressure water immediately after demoulding.  This method will remove the cement paste to a depth of approximately half a stone size, leaving the stones intact.  When sandblasting the surface, all edges on the aggregates will be slightly rounded and all sharp corners of the stone aggregate will be removed.

Acid washed surfaces are prepared by washing the panel surface in a solution of water and acid.  This leaves the surface slightly rough (like sandpaper) depending on the solution and number of washes.  This type of surface treatment is also recommended to be limited to part of a panel, as the degree of roughness achieved can vary slightly from panel to panel