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Precast concrete panels have been widely used all over the world since the beginning of the twentieth century, and over the past decade the development of more complex architectural design have rapidly increased the use of precast concrete panels.

Most buildings are suitable for construction in precast concrete, whether precast panels are used as architectural cladding panels or as load bearing panels depends on the building type.

Precast panels are used in high-rise buildings, villas, commercial and office buildings as well as industrial buildings, where the emphasis of the structure is on prestige and aesthetic appeal, or where economy and durability are of importance


The main advantages of using BPC Group's precast wall panels are:

  • The reduction of costs and construction periods. As panels are installed directly form our trailers there is no need of the often limited storage space on-site. On-site construction and off-site manufacturing can be over lapped, thereby reducing overall site periods.

  • Shorter building period, lesser reliance on site labour and no   requirement for scaffolding contribute to cost saving.
  • Truly distinctive finishes can easily be provided and in a way which is not possible with any other material.  Coarse aggregates add further dimensions to the range of possible architectural effects.  With a huge variety aggregates, pigments and finishes, panels with distinctive appearances can be produced for each client’s specific requirement and satisfaction.

  • In addition to this, the surface of the panels can be made with factory cast-in finishes such as natural stone, bricks or tiles.

  • High quality products. Produced under stringent production control and by skilled factory-based craftsmen who produce consistently high quality.

  • They can be designed to act as shear walls thus eliminating the need to resize the columns and beams for lateral forces.

  • 150mm thick Precast panels provide more floor space compared to load bearing block walls and columns and beam frames that normally cannot be done lesser than 200mm.

  • Electrical conduits and boxes are cast into the panels

  • Low maintenance cost.  The different textures of concrete surface will retain their textures and colour indefinitely although, dust and dirt from the atmosphere can attach to the surface, but with a simple wash-down with water, the panel’s surface will regain its original colour.  This makes the maintenance cost very low compared to other surfaces and materials.

  • The high quality concrete ensures a longer durability of the building compared to in-situ structures. High durability is important for external surfaces.  No cracks or similar surface defects will provide very low maintenance and long lasting exclusive appearance.
To ensure the most successful solution of each individual project the company's early involvement in the design phase will ensure considerable time and cost savings for the project.