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Noise resistance

Choosing the right materials and connection details as well as the quality of the work on site, are essential factors in getting satisfying noise reduction and thereby good living conditions inside a building.

Due to the very high quality of materials used and the product’s high density, BPC Group’s precast concrete panels have excellent noise reduction qualities, which can be designed to achieve all the requirements of the building.

Fire resistance

Panels produced by BPC Group meet the highest requirements for non-flammability and fire resistance, and can be designed for up to 4 hours fire resistance.

For fire rating of load bearing and non-load bearing wall structures, reference is made to BS 476: Part 8: 1972.

Thermal resistance

As previously described, BPC Group’s sandwich panels can achieve U-values as low as 0.25 W/m2K.  In aiming to reduce power consumption in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, local municipality issue maximum allowable Thermal Transmission U-value. BPC Group can design the panels to meet these requirements.


Min. characteristic cube strength  Fcu = 35 N/mm2.

OPC complying with the requirements in BS 12 and ASTM C 150, type 1

Clean water with total dissolved solid contents not exceeding 700 p.p.m.

Coarse Aggregates:
Crushed aggregates comply with BS 882.


Fine Aggregates:
All fine aggregates and sand comply with BS 882

All reinforcement steel comply with BS 4449.

Expanded or Extruded Polystyrene used for thermal insulation are complying with either DIN standard (DIN 53420, DIN 53421 & DIN 52612) or ASTM standards (ASTM D1621, D1622 & D2842).

Dimensions    Max. dim. Tolerances
Length, B Upto 9000mm* + 10mm
Height, C Upto 5000 mm*  + 10mm
Thickness, A 100 – 350 mm * + 5mm
Flatness on  2 m straight edge     + 5mm
Position of Cut-outs   + 5mm
Position of Inserts etc.      + 5mm
Max. weight   20 ton

*For bigger dimensions please contact us for confirmation. All method of measurements according to BS Standards.


TYPE PP 1 - Diagram 1

TYPE PP 1 - Diagram 2
TYPE PP 1 - Diagram 3
TYPE PP 2 - Diagram 4

  Surface Samples  
  White OPC Cement, Red Pigment
Marble Choco 5-10 mm Aggregates

  White OPC Cement, Yellow Pigment
Omani 5-10 mm Aggregates

  Gray OPC Cement
R.A.K. 5-10 mm Aggregates

  White OPC Cement,
Omani 5-10 mm Aggregates