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Making a difference with Precast Concrete!

The logo of a company is the first statement that the company makes to reveal its mission and values. The joint icons are indicative of the integration of our businesses in the Gulf under the BPC Group banner. However, not only does the logo symbolize the unity of our four operations in the region, it also reflects our four fundamental company values.

Firstly, it signifies our  style of thinking. The four ‘steps’ deliberately break through the background panel, indicating growth, expansion and renewal. This is what you can expect from us; flexibility, creative ideas and innovative solutions that go beyond the moulds of the past. For us there are no problems, only opportunities and challenges.

Breaking through also implies , keeping focused on our mutual goals and a willingness to perform, to change, to adapt, and where necessary to compromise in order to achieve win-win solutions for all.

Just as the four complimentary ingredients of concrete make it a byword for strength and durability, our logo’s four interlocking steps denote , cooperation and open communication in order to achieve common objectives. For our customers and their customers, for our partners and staff.


The bold red of the background maintains continuity with our proud heritage and our reputation for , honesty, transparency and delivering on our promises.As the pioneer of precast concrete in the region, we have established a thriving business that has revolutionised the Gulf construction industry. We are here for the long term and to strengthen our leadership position we will continue setting new standards of excellence by doing things faster, cheaper, stronger, and better than before.

But we cannot do it alone. Our work means nothing without you; our colleagues, customers, partners and friends. Together, we will continue making a difference.

Hani Hasan Al A'Ali
Executive Director