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Hollowcore Slabs are prestressed elements cast with advanced extrusion technique. Cores are made in the thickness running along the length with special steel tubes. The slabs are manufactured in 150, 200, 240, 265, 320, 400 and 500 mm thick elements as standard products. Slabs with other thicknesses may be designed and supplied. The standard width of the slabs is 1200 mm. Slabs with narrower width can be provided based on design requirements. The length of hollowcore slabs is fabricated to span up to approximately 21 meters dependent upon the loading conditions.
Hollowcore slabs are prestressed concrete slabs of varying lengths and thicknesses.

Hollowcore slabs are lighter by 40-50% than the conventional reinforced concrete slabs of the same dimensions. It is calculated and found that lot of concrete in the slab is extra and just adding to the weight of the element.  In Hollowcore slabs this extra weight is removed from the slabs by making cores. Reduced weight of the slabs results in considerable overall savings in construction costs. With the reduced slab weight, the structural frame can be constructed lighter. The reduced combined weight of the frame and flooring leads to reduced dimensions of the foundations.

In addition to the saving in cost of the structures, additional saving is achieved in time. While supporting elements i.e. beams or walls are beings constructed, Hollowcore slabs can be fabricated separately and fitted when the structure is ready. This results in considerable saving in construction time and costs.

With minor change in end detail, it can emulate cast-in-situ slab in respect to overall stability of structure.


Longer spans and greater strengths of hollowcore slabs is specially advantageous for long span buildings e.g. cinema halls, auditoriums, car parks, shopping complexes where unobstructed space is required.


Hollowcore slabs are used in all applications where floors or roofs are required. HCS have also been utilised in constructing facades of industrial sheds and boundary wall. These include:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Car parks
  • Cinema Halls
  • Auditoriums
  • Residential complexes
  • Private houses and villas
  • Industrial sheds (roof sheet supporting structures)
Listed below are advantages of using hollowcore slabs:
  • No cracks for service loads.
  • No positive deflection for normal dead loads.
  • Smaller deflection for super imposed loads.
  • Longer span and greater loads then conventional slabs of same depth.
  • Longer span, meaning less beams and columns required which gives more unobstructed space and saving for the client.