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  General Description

Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) elements are robust and imposing, yet light in weight and speedy to erect. They are also attractive in appearance and require minimum of maintenance.

Due the advantages GRC elements provide, these elements have become very popular in Bahrain since its introduction in 1985. Available in standard and custom-made designs can be manufactured for various sizes and shapes. These elements suit very well on buildings with architectural décor. Buildings and villas are increasingly using GRC elements.

GRC is manufactured using cement/sand slurry reinforced throughout with alkali resistant glass fibers. A special feature is the use of rubber moulds in its production.

Strict quality control is exercised throughout all stages of manufacture. In order to withstand rough climatic conditions, the material used such as sand and water is purified through a rigorous process of laboratory control.



BPC GRC products are made with the following mix design:

  • Super white cement
  • White washed marine sand 0-1mm
  • Alkali resistant glass fiber
  • Melamine super plasticizer
  • Clean water

(In proportional properties)

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