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Using BPC Group’s precast concrete flights and landings is by far the most efficient and professional method of building staircases in today’s modern method of construction.

Stair flights and landings are produced in the factory in controlled conditions in special mould designed and fabricated for this purpose. While the Staircases are being produced, site construction work can be done to prepare the building to receive them thus saving time and money.

The advantages of using precast stairs are:

  • Unobstructed and safe access to the building during construction time. In situ casting of staircases will block the access for weeks at a time and the movement of the construction workers is hindered by the scaffolding. The staircases can also be erected simultaneous with Hollowcore slabs.

  • Turn key concept including design, manufacture, supply and   erection.

  • High quality product with excellent concrete finish.
  • Time saving, reduced construction site costs. Using precast concrete stair cases will save both time and cost when site shuttering and scaffolding can be eliminated.

  • Precast stairs are fast and easy to install and can be utilized immediately after installation.

  • As all risers on flights are of exactly the same height, precast stairs are therefore much more comfortable to walk on compared to most stairs cast in situ.

  • All products have smooth surface finish with antislip coating and do not require any other finish layer like most cast in situ stairs.